Content Creation

Utilizing blockchain technology, Plair will create a decentralized streaming network to empower content creators in order to target the game streaming market. We will offer services to players, viewers and content creators which allow all gaming enthusiasts to stay within the Plair ecosystem.

Currently, there is a stark disconnect between streaming and tournaments in gaming, where gamers are required to visit separate platforms to either play tournaments or watch pro players stream. Plair merges gameplay and streaming on a single unified platform will allow for players to make more money for views of their streams and establish a fan following on our platform. This will create a more streamlined experience for members of the community who are looking to do both without having to go to separate platforms to accomplish it.

Not only does Plair offer streaming tools and a large audience of potential viewers, but it also provides a transparent peer-to-peer market model for players and creator with the decentralized methodology. Both players and content creators will be rewarded PLA Tokens through watching, participating, and lending resources to streams and video solutions. This will allow creators to broadcast the content they create, share their bandwidth and grow viewership as well as loyal subscribers much easier. Creators will gain social and monetized value by broadcasting gameplay and ultimately grow to become influencers with the help of Plair. The Plair platform runs on the VeChainThor blockchain that can process 10,000 transactions or more per second, which will make game streaming extremely scalable.

Plair aims to be the leading platform globally for the gaming community. As our long-term goal, the creator’s stream and content will be protected through digital intellectual property services by Plair.