Social Interaction

Plair’s platform is built for online social experiences. Plair believes that in order to become a successful platform, it needs to include more community features as well as allowing users the rare opportunity to interact with celebrities and professional gamers.

There are few platforms available that allow amateur gaming enthusiasts to interact with each other and get rewarded by doing so. The Plair platform will become the premier venue for online social experiences, where gamers can interact with one another while playing, watching, discussing, and creating game-related content while getting PLA Tokens as rewards. We believe that by building a sustainable and ultimately disruptive gaming ecosystem we can truly empower the gaming community, providing them with the means to earn “real life” value through their gaming interests and lifestyle.

The Plair platform encourages healthy competition with true results and a system that cultivates honest staking to power the amateur eSports market. The platform creates cross-platform interoperability between identity management and matchmaking (VeVID+AI) that enables robust community tools and esports services (team development, coaching, organizational tools, etc.). Through statistical and behavioral analysis tools, amateur players will be empowered to best position themselves for breaking into the professional esports scene, and they will be able to recruit other members as coaches through the platform. The matchmaking services and community tools can still be experienced in noncompetitive environments for participants looking for more casual interactions in the community. Plair strives to become gamer’s best friend and an essential part of enjoying video games to the fullest.