With Plair, users will be able to create or participate in tournaments anytime and anywhere by leveraging blockchain technology. The online and eventually offline nature of Plair would also allow them to compete against and engage with players from all over the world.

Most traditional tournament platforms have not yet chosen to enhance their performance with the integration of cryptocurrency and cryptographic tokens while tournament platforms that have adopted a blockchain structure are usually built for “hardcore” gaming. Plair aims to build a platform that is friendly for users who may be brand new to esports, but at the same time providing a great overall experience for amateur players at more experience levels.

Plair will build automated decentralized matchmaking and tournament systems that use blockchain technology to be both KYC verified and give users ownership of their personal data, resulting in fast match creation and filling of high-quality instances and tournaments that are governed through decentralized systems. Users will be able to enjoy an array of pre-arranged matches from bracketed, charity to free-to-play. The tournaments can be competitive matches between individuals or teams. All users will register on the platform and can initiate a game. Other players will join and pay an entrance fee for the pool. The tournaments will be checked against our pool of decentralized nodes to make sure the game is ready to play. Once a game is completed, our pool of decentralized nodes will automatically check the game results and the winner of the match will be rewarded with the pool size of PLA Tokens sent directly into their in-game wallets. Furthermore, Plair will combine machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data to give users the best matchups when playing which caters to the gaming lifestyle at every level of interest.